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Sports for the week of October 2, 2012


Replacement Officials

By: Tel Fryer staff writer for The Week In Sports staff writer

*****There is a big problem in the NFL right now. "The replacement officials are not doing there job right they can ruin all of NFL for us."they are not doing right soon were gonna get new officials most likely anyhow. We should go help them fix them whatever we got to do we have to fix them.

*****They aren’t flag pulling correctly. Also, there just making stuff up that needs to stop now! They need to stop silly globing and get there head in the game. A lot of people right now are pretty mad.

*****They’re work reached a fevered pitch that is really bad. Now people there catching up but very very slowly. They need to hurry up and get the way they’re supposed to work their jobs instead of not doing their job.most of the coaches are being careful with the officials. They’re even holding back. some players aren’t completely down on the the performance. Games aren’t going far with the officials screwing things up.

Big 10 Football

By: Quinn Renze staff writer for The Week In Sports

*****NCAA football is starting the season again and I'm here to bring you the standings and stats that you need and want. So far in the season D.Robinson of Michigan leads the Big Ten in total offense.
B.Miller of Ohio State leads Big Ten and has most touchdowns.
L.Bell of Michigan State has most rushing yards.
A.Hitchens of Iowa has the most tackles.
D.White of Minnesota has most sacks.
*****Mark Weisman of Iowa has walked on from the Air Force and is there starting running back and in just four games of five with Iowa he is close to being the first in touchdowns, rushing yards,and in total offense. Some people might believe that he deserves Heisman or has he just got lucky in these first few games.
*****It was halftime 20-10 Wisconsin winning over Nebraska. Most people left thought it was over but no it wasn’t Nebraska came back to win 30-27 over Wisconsin. It was tied for the most points of a comeback in Nebraska history. Most Wisconsin fans could not believe what happened. This year looks like it will be a very good year in the Big 10.

Big 10 Football Video

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The video is some highlights in the big ten this year.

MLB World Series and Wild Card Standings

By: Brett Sears editor and staff writer for The Week In Sports

*****The Wild Card gives the second and any teams ranked lower than them in their division a chance to make it into the playoffs. Last year the Cardinals won the National League wild card and ended up winning the World Series. The Braves will have to battle it out with the Cardinals in the National League Wild Card Series this year in order to get into the World Series. The Orioles will get to play the Rangers in the American League Wild Card Series, The winner of the American and the National League Series will be in this year’s World Series.

*****These teams are already guaranteed a playoff position this year. The Oakland Athletics, Washington Nationals, New York Yankees, Detroit Tigers, Cincinnati Reds, and the San Francisco Giants. For the St. Louis Cardinals, the Atlanta Braves, the Baltimore Orioles, and the Texas Rangers. These teams are in the National and American Wild Card Series but they will have to win in order to be in the World Series.

*****The World Series is very important in the MLB it is the greatest award an MLB team can win, it is a real honor to be called the best team in baseball. The Wild Card is one game that will add one more team to the playoffs from the American League and National League. The Wild Card gives two more teams a shot at glory. This year’s World Series should be a good one even if the team you want doesn’t win.

Carriage Racing

By: Doug Chapman staff writer for The Week In Sports

*****In the year 1806, the first people to race in carriage were a gladiator . The
first gladiator to win was named Isadora Jules Bonheur .When it started he was the
very first person to win ever and when he won it was not that big of a sport.
*****And over the years it kept getting more and more popular. By the year
1814, people starter to bet on the racers. But sometimes people started to fight
because their racer lost. So that is way they wonted the myth god Nike (goddess
of Victory) with the racers.
*****The horses went about 35-40mph. And every 4/5 horses that raced were
pacers. They were the fastest horses of its time. The sport has been going on for 206
years. And the sport still is going on but today it’s called harness racing and they still race
with pacers.

Carriage Racing

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