Physical & Internal components of computers

RAM (Random Access Memory)

RAM is the way all memory is stored between different cells. It is possible for the memorie to be accesed through the cells from anywhere randomly on your computer. As the data can be accesed from anywhere on the computer it allows the computer to work much faster. When opening something on your computer like a browser, the memory is stored onto the RAM, if too many thing =s are loaded onto the RAM, the data will be moved on to the disk drive instead.

Touch Screens

Touch screens have become widelye popular over the years and can be seen almost everywhere. They are used in wideley in things like, smartphones, computers, tablet computers and game consoles. Touch screens allow the user to physically interact with the device by touching it with one or more finger. They can also detect some stylus tips and gloves. The touch screen was invented in 1971 by Doctor Sam Hurst and Elographics

The Motherboard

The motherboard may sound like an extreme spaceship from above, but infact it is the main component of any type of computer. The motherboard holds all of the main computer components like the CPU and memory.

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