Gateway Arch

Jessica Basurto

Gateway Arch

All these paragraphs will be talking about the Gateway Arch mainly about Eero Saarinen and Bandel, Size of the Gateway, the west and east windows in the observation room and things in the Gateway Arch.

~Eero Saarinen and Bandel~

Eero was the actual person who built the Arch, but Bandel was the one who drew the structures on how they wanted the building to look. They also began building it becuase they were in a competition that was about who built the best and tallest building. It took them 2 years to build the Gatway Arch.

~Size of things in Gateway~

The height of the building is 630' ft. tall. Gateway also has 16 windows on each side, all the windows are the same size. The observation room is 65 ft. long x 7ft.,2 in across x 6 ft, & 9 ft high. Tallest building structure in Missouri.

~West and East Window~

In the observation room there is sides on each side there's windows and there names are East and West side window. On the east window you can see the Misssisspippi River. You can also see the state of Illinois. Next, there is the west window which you can see, the city of St.Louis. On the east and west window you can see 30 miles away when the wheather is clear.

~things in the Arch~

The arch has many things. Some of the things that is in the Arch is a elevator that goes up to the observation room. They also have the observation room. The enterance to the building. There is stairs but a lot, so it's easier to take the elevator. There is also 32 windows in the whole building total.

Those are some few things about the Arch. The weight of all the concrete is 38,107 tons. The observation room only takes up 160 at a time. When they were building, it took really hard work. The total of building the Arch was $13 million.