5 Tips to Choose the Best

Exterior Home Paint

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Exterior painting can be a real challenge for people owning a house. Just like a properly dressed individual attracts attention and gains confidence, a good and inviting exterior paint helps make a warm and welcoming home.

Today a huge variety of exterior paints are available in the market. This abundance builds a competitive market space helping customers find the best possible prices on paints. However, it may create confusion among willing buyers. Imagine you wanted a pink dress or shirt and you are represented with a choice of 100 shades of pink. How confused will you be?

But, no worries, we are here to help you cope up with this problem by suggesting 5 pro tips that will help you choose the best exterior paint for your house.

Plan according to your surroundings

This is the first and the arguably most important and time-consuming part of the journey. Everyone needs to plan their motions before implementing them. Similarly, if you don’t preplan the painting process, you are simply inviting havoc. We would suggest the best way to understand what colour may suit your house is by closely monitoring your surroundings. For example, if your house is surrounded by meadows and lush greenery, you would choose contrasting colours like yellow or white. That’s it! It’s as simple as that.

If you can't find out the best shade of exterior wall paint, feel free to get some technical support. There are many organizations like Kamdhenu Paints that use automated 3D modelling to film out the best colour for your house. We also suggest you take note of the architectural style of your home. A medieval shade of brick-red and candy yellow will not suit any bungalow-style houses. We will also say, only choose a paint that can withstand the climate you live in. Indian itself is home to 8 different weather zones. We have the burning heat of the west to drowning rains of the east. Thus, keeping in mind the climate of your surrounding is extremely necessary.

Get all the basic information you may need

This is extremely important, as people don’t always get well enlightened about paint jobs before their application. We can not emphasise how convenient this small information can be for you. For starters, exterior home painting is completely different from interior painting. It needs different tools, different paints, different methods of application, etc. Exterior paints have a complex chemical composition which is made by concentrated synthetic pigments. This makes the exterior paints tough and stain-resistant. Also, some specific seasons are considered better for exterior painting. Summers and springtime are considered the ideal time due to low moisture and humidity in the air, promoting better and quick adhesion of paint with the putty.


Exterior paints are known for their durability. They are comprised of various synthetic pigments, which give the exterior paint its deep and bold colour. VOC present in the exterior paints gives it a thickness and sturdy layout, which makes it greatly durable. Surprisingly, some shades of paint tend to last longer than others. Like the hues of blue are more durable than other colours as they are extracted from indigo dye. Indigo dye is very sturdy and can water repellent.

Combination of Colours

A proper combination of colours is elementary to showcase the character of a house. This set of combinations depends on the palate of every individual. The most common combination of colours is a light and warm hue with margins and details of a darker colour.

Exterior wall painting is a tricky task because exterior paints don’t produce instant brightness and bubbliness like interior paints. One needs to apply a few additional layers of putty or white cement to their walls so that the paint can sediment into the putty. Each colour has a different concentration and takes a different time to set.

Here we have a few universally acclaimed shades used in Indian households which complement each other in all aspects like:

  • Yellow + Blue + Cream With Grey
  • Yellow With Brown
  • Warm Shades of Yellow
  • White and Indigo
  • White and Blue

The combination of shade that you might choose can be conventional or mutually exclusive. But, if you get confused, get help from retailers who will suggest the trendiest and most popular combination.

Furnishing and Other Decorations

An old saying goes, “an institute within good fellows is just a hunk of brick, sand and concrete crammed together to form a building”. Similarly, just applying a generous coat of exterior wall paint will not solve all your problems. You also have to think about the proper furnishing of the exterior surrounding, which can complement the newly painted house. We suggest you decorate your house with trees and greenery. Construct a small gate or select a few outdoor furniture that compliments the colour scheme of the house. This will improve the overall aesthetic of the house.

Hopefully, these few tips will help you solve your problems regarding exterior home painting. If not, feel free to get professional help. Veterans always know the best.