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Issue 1


This newsletter will bring together articles, websites, resources and useful blogs from around the world to develop your range of reading and resources. If you have any requests for specific information let me know at

Twitter @ USW

If you do not already follow our Twitter account you can here.


We will regularly share things of use to you in your profession and plans are underway to start up twitter chats to engage you in discussion beyond the campus.

Check out these chats that have run recently and see the range of ideas you can capture in a short period of time. It really is a new unique form of CPD.

iTunes U @ USW

Many of you will have noticed the emails coming out around iTunes U. Thanks to those that have enrolled in the courses so far. The idea is to pilot new ways to deliver content to you but also look at ways of showing you tools that you can use in the classroom.

iTunes U is a way of sharing lessons so that you can access the content in your own way, be that before lectures, during, or as a review afterwards. In time we can develop its use along with the student body to see how it best supports you. If you want to find out more email me

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Digital Competence

Digital leaders

Last year Aspire2Be worked with students at USW to develop their knowledge of technology to enhance teaching. As part of this project, student digital leaders were created. These students have a mission to help support the growth of technology within the University and help shape the direction of the use in the classroom. This year we hope to develop this programme and involve more students in these roles. If you are interested let us know and watch this space for the launch.

Student survey on technology

Back in January I sent out a survey to get a picture of the types of devices that you all own and have access to in University. Thanks to those that completed the survey. If you did not get a chance then please feel free to add in your response here.

The results so far give us a good understanding of what we can work with in sessions and will help us when introducing the uses of these devices in the classroom.

Further reading

Using Kahoot for AFL

Take a look at this resource, created by teachers to help students make up their own quiz in Kahoot. Such a simple idea.

Teaching maths?

A recent discussion on Twitter led to the discovery of a number of resources to support the teaching of maths. This site leads to a few of them

Teacher Spotlight

What do other teachers do?

A friend of mine and fellow ADE Marc Faulder is a fantastic Early Years practitioner. take a look at how he uses technology to engage his students Its also a great piece of reflective practice and the power of teacher blogging.