hydropower Electricity

BY:Bailey Jackson


This is a message for people all over the world. We need to find a way to save our non renewable resources such as coal,oil,and natural gas. We can not get anymore of these in our life time so we need to find an alternative........ USE HYDROPOWER to get electricity instead of using the non-renewable resources. The top hydropower producing states are California,Washington,and Oregon.

what is hydropower

What is hydropower??

Hydropower is where electricity is formed using water to turn the turbine and converted to electricity. It is a reliable resource of energy.It is renewable because we will always have the water it takes to build the dam and make the turbine spin. Burning coal pollutes the air. Hydroelectricity does not pollute the air.

The advantages and disadvantages


  • its cleaner for the environment
  • its is renewable
  • coal minning can harm the workers
  • easy labor to begin the turbine spinning
  • it can begin to convert electricity in 60-90 seconds after start up


  • we cant build them anywhere because it needs fast moving water
  • its roughly 12 cents more per megawatt hour to produce hydroelectricity than a to produce electricity in a power plant burning coal
  • building the hydroelectric dam causes flooding of the surrounding area destroying habitats