The Tulsa Zoo

Where Everyone Goes Home Happy

See the wild in your very own town.

The Tulsa Zoo is always getting new animals, and you'll want to go there again and again!

Take a look at the summer camps while you are there, too!

Here are some things to see there...

There are two ways to get around the zoo.

You can take the train which goes to Sea Lion Station and back. Or you can just walk to were you want to go.

Tulsa Zoo: Sea Lion Diets
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Above Is A Drawing Of One Of The Zoo's Future Habitats!

But I'm Sorry To Say...

'Not all zoo officials thought this was a good idea:'

'I do not like the idea of scripture at the zoo,'

Because of this I don't have any quotes( P.S. I never said that).

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But Here's One More Thing To See...

Check out the chimps while you're there! So come to the Tulsa Zoo and have fun! I hope you like this flyer!