Fairview's Favorites

LaCue 2015

Alex Hebert's Favorites


  • This link takes you to a presentation that helps you with clipart, fonts, templates for creating your own documents.


  • Google Voice (fake phone number to give to parents that will connect them to your cell phone. This way they will not know your actual number and you can get a new fake one each year. It also time stamps every call and transcribes your voicemails and texts.)


  • Click on "resources" and it will take you to all the presentations by these two ladies. Many of them are on using the ipad and apps in the classroom.

Suzanne Harris' Favorites

Tech Tips for Teachers

Books online

Belinda Sargent's Favorites

Slammin’ Jammin’ Apptivities for your ipad

Check out below for an activity using the specific apps mentioned!

Download the following-

Doodle buddy- draw, paint or scribble

Word clouds- brainstorming on any topic, tell a story or explain a concept

Pic collage- to create picture collages with text and backgrounds.


Collect 5 words from each student in a group on a given topic and places in word clouds. Then take a picture and save to your camera roll.

Go to Doodle buddy and have the student draw a pic of the topic of the word cloud. Then save it to the camera roll.

Use Pic collage to merge the word cloud and the doodle buddy to create a picture with the word cloud.

Download the following-

Tellagami- create an avatar and record your message about a concept or topic

Touch cast- annotate videos- change green screen to content photot


1st download the tellagami app. Create your own avatar and and save. Record your report in the message. Select a green background and save to your camera roll.

Next, find a picture on google pertaining to your content in your report. Then save it to your camera roll.

Then, download the touch cast app. Click Annotate a video. Select your video from the camera roll. Click effects and then green screen at the bottom. Then, on the right , select photo. Select your saved photo from the camera roll. Tap your video to save. Push record( the red and silver button) , let it record until the video is finished. Save your video.

Beth Hooper's Favorites


  • Website includes articles that lets you change the level so that all students are getting the same information but at their level. It even has Spanish translations. Articles range from literature connections to current events.

Snaptype Pro

  • Ipad app that allows you take a picture of homework or a worksheet and students can complete right on the ipad.

Jessica Vidrine's Favorites

J2training.org - website to check out - has all their presentations and I think it will get you to their smore website.

  • Apps that J2 ladies love:
  • Sand draw app
  • Abc magnetic letters app
  • Doodle buddy app
  • Puppet pals app
  • Show me free


  • Curious crew website
  • CNN student news (current events no news for students)


  • All the powerpoints from that presenter are on that site.