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May 6, 2022

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Important School-Wide Dates:


8 - Happy Mother's Day

10 - Ride Nite - MOD Pizza

10 - PK Field Trip to Children's Museum

10 - STAAR Math

11 - STAAR Reading

11 - Kn Field Trip to Oil Ranch

11- School Nurse's Day

12 - PK Field Trip to Children's Museum

13 - Rainbow Week -- Wear a specific color each day

13 – RTTD 4th Grade (N&H), 3:30-4:45

16-26 - PK Countdown to Summer Activities

17 - RTTD 3rd Pizza/Pop/Park -

18 - CPHS Senior Clap Out - 10:00am

19 -TPSP Expo 4th: 8:10 2nd & 3rd: 9:05

19 - RTTD 4th Grade (G&W), 3:30 - 4:45

20 - PK Water Day, 8:30 - 10:30, Trike Track

22- CPHS Graduation, 7:30pm

24 - Kn Celebration - 8:30am ( 4 classes in cafe)

25 - 4th grade Celebration - (4 classes in cafe)

25 - 3rd Grade Wax Museum - 11:00

26 - PK EOY Carnival, 8:30 - 10:30, Trike Track

26 - Early Release - Last Day of School

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you who have taken on that motherly role in someone’s life. Moms are like buttons - you hold everything in life together. Thank you for all of the hugs, words of encouragement, and patience you give every day. I know you are the best ever, just look at your kids, they turned out amazing!! Thank you for being that special person in someone's life. We celebrate you !

Principal's Message

Dear Ride Families,

The Ride Through the Decades this year was amazing!! The carnival was out of this world fun!! Our incredible PTO did an amazing job organizing the carnival and the auction. We appreciate you so much!! Then the next day, they are up here decorating for Teacher Appreciation Week. The teacher appreciation theme is Super Heroes. They had the windows at the front of the school painted, the hallways are decorated. Students wrote notes of appreciation to their teachers and those are posted; and a special treat each day of the week. Such an amazing and dedicated group of parents who support Sally K. Ride.

Thank you for all you do for Sally K. Ride. We feel so supported.

Ride Through the Decade (RTTD) Teacher Activities or grade level parties are happening now. The PTO will allow anyone to attend who wants to. All you need to do is let your teacher know and write a check (Ride PTO) or cash in the amount of $20.00.

STAAR WEEK is next week. As a reminder; we do our best efforts to make the school environment conducive to testing and give the kids the best opportunity to focus on their questions. Therefore, the building will be closed to all visitors and no items may be dropped off during the school day. Thank you so much for your support.

Rainbow Week starts on Friday, May 13th by wearing RED. It has been a long-standing tradition at Sally K. Ride, hosted by 4th grade to celebrate the end of our elementary days. We invite the entire school to join in the fun by wearing colors for each day of the week listed below.

Have a great weekend!


Megan Burnham

#It's the Little things that make a BIG difference

Don't forget to pack a lunch each day!

Due to the exorbitant high number of lunches being dropped off at Ride during the school day, we will no longer be able to accept lunch drop off. We are having an over abundance of lunches dropped off at the front office during the school day. The number of lunches dropped off seems to be increasing each day. The number of calls to the classroom, students getting up and leaving class and the interruptions to instruction has become a challenge for teachers to teach. Therefore, as of Monday, May 4th, we are not accepting lunches dropped off at the front office. Please be sure to send a lunch in your child's back pack or he/she may eat a hot or cold lunch choice in the cafeteria. Thank you for your understanding. Our main goal at Sally K. Ride is to focus on instruction and teaching during the school day.

School Supplies 2022-2023


Please click on picture below to order your school supplies for next year!

Ride PTO Fundraiser

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Summer Programs

Check out the link below for summer enrichment and intervention programs.

There are tuition based opportunities such as Robotics and Gifted and Talented for our 3rd and 4th grade students. Tuition based academic enrichment is also available for K-4 students.

All other programs will be invite only.

Registration will be open on April 5th.

Summer Programs

Ride Rainbow Week

RAINBOW WEEK has been a long-standing tradition at Sally K. Ride. Hosted by 4th grade to celebrate the end of our elementary days, we invite the entire school to join in fun by wearing colors for each day of the week listed below. 🌈

Follow the calendar below and have fun celebrating!!

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Reservation for Lunch at Sally K. Ride

We have a Sign-Up Genius to reserve a spot to have lunch with your child. In order to give all parents an opportunity to sign up, each adult may only sign up once every three weeks.

There is no visitor seating available in the cafe. Therefore, you may eat in a couple of different areas; Art room, conference room or outside tables (by gazebo or Trike Track). Certain areas will be designated for specific grades. (see locations below)

We will allowing a limited number of visitors per lunch period. Please make every effort to eat outside at picnic tables (weather permitting), otherwise you will see your location to eat in the Sign-Up Genius.

Ride Lunch Visitor Sign-Up

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Volunteer in CISD

The Conroe Independent School District values the contributions made by its many volunteers who diligently work to support our outstanding students, teachers, and programs. It is our goal to provide a safe environment for our students and visitors. If you are interested in volunteering on one of our campuses, please complete the Volunteer Application at https://www.conroeisd.net/.

The District will obtain the criminal history record of all prospective volunteers who will be working with students, and/or any volunteers who will have access to student information, and volunteers who work on a regular basis with students. The background check is strictly confidential and will be processed through the CISD Department of Human Resources.

The Volunteer Form can be accessed using the following steps:

· https://www.conroeisd.net/

· Go to “Parent/Students”

· Click “Volunteer in CISD”

· Select “Go to Volunteer Application”

· Complete the Form

Ride Grade Level Newsletters


Parents, Please make sure you are connected to your child's Seesaw account so you can see all the amazing things your child is doing at school each week! If you have previously connected to your child's account, you are still connected. Make sure to set your notifications to alert you when a post is added!

Ride's Social Media

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Facebook: Ride Elementary, Conroe ISD

Instagram: @ridecisd

Twitter: @RideCISD

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School Calendar for 2021-2022

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2022-23 School Calendar

Please click on link below for the following year's school calendar!

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By logging into Parent Access, you can check your child's grades, assignments, and attendance.

To access your child’s information online you must register for an account.

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School Messenger

All SMS messages received from the Conroe ISD District Office and your child's campus will begin with "Conroe ISD:" and come from the subscribe code 67587. If you have not yet opted-in to receive SMS messages, you can do so at any time throughout the school year by texting "Y" to 67587.