Anti Bullying!

What bullying means and what effects it can have.

The different types of bullying.

There are 5 different types of bullying. There is physical which includes hands on activity like hitting, kicking and punching. There is verbal which involves hurtful comments, name calling and teasing. There is sexual which is hurtful comments gestures and actions intended to offend someone based on their sex. Emotional bullying is on purpose attempts to humiliate someone or try to back stab them. There is also cyber bullying, which includes sending mean comments through any digital device.

Some effects of bullying on adolescents

Bullying can effect an adolescent in many different ways. It could be physically, socially or mentally. A child can experience depression or anxiety which is the feeling of being sad and lonely. There is also the effect of getting low scores on school tests and participating less in school activities. You may also feel isolated and have insecurities about your body image.