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Did you know....

Three of the five Great Lakes are awash in plastic. Small plastic beads, known as micro plastic, used by cosmetics manufacturers in face and body scrubs, are too tiny for water treatment plants to filter. So, they wash down the drain into the water ways where fish and birds mistake them for dinner.

Beautycounter has a facial exfoliator made with jojoba beads and a body scrub made with sugar. Beautiful skin; safe ingredients for you and the environment!

Beware of Greenwashing

What do “natural,” “organic,” and “green” mean when it comes to cosmetics?
Legally? Nothing. Due to major loopholes in federal law, cosmetics can be labeled “natural,” “organic,” “green,” “non-toxic,” and nearly any other word that comes to mind without containing ingredients that accurately meet those descriptions. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to sort through companies’ claims regarding the “greenness” of their products.

At Beautycounter...

Our ingredient selection process is the strictest in the industry. Our mission is to educate people about the lack of regulation in the skin care and cosmetics industry so that we can all demand change, and to get products made with safe ingredients into the hands of everyone!
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These are the ingredients that you will never find in Beautycounter products

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If you would like to try any of our products, please contact me; I have testers! Or, host a Social: help your friends be in the know! Bring those you care about together to introduce them to the Beautycounter Story and Mission. All you have to do is invite some friends and provide some snacks (optional). I'll do the rest. The hostess perks are amazing!! Contact me by phone or email and we can pick a date that works.

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