A Little Bit Scary

By, Blake Hammerschlag

You may think evan is a little bit scary but....

he plays dress up with his sister every tuseday. He also watches Jake and the never land pirates with his brother.

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Evan's Good Deeds

  • He feeds his dog Rover every other day.
  • HE fixes all broken stuff in his house with his tool kit.
  • He donates money to autism kids.

Evan's Family

Evan lives with his mom, dad, two sisters and a dog named rover. He lives in Alaska in a 5,000,000 mansion.

Evan's Activites

Evan plays lax, shuffle board and golf. In school he loves music, art and computers. His favorite book is Gone With The Wind.

Evan's Favorite Things To Do

Evan loves using his tool kit in any opportunity. He also loves playing golf at greenspring country club.