Gone to Texas

Monika Dimitrova

Land Policy

By contrast, land in Texas is yet plentiful and inexpensive.

Settlers that are farmers recieved one labor, or 177 acres.

Cattle raisers obtain a sitio, or 4,428 acres.

Requirements of Colonists

By terms of empresarial grant, colonists have to be persons of good character and had to be Catholic, or agree to become Catholic. Texas is looking for people willing to accept hard times and who would be able to provide for themselves in this new colony. Also, colonists are required to pledge their loyalty to Spain, and follow the laws.

Description of Land in Texas

The soil is fertile and as said earlier, inexpensive and plentiful. Most of this fertile soil is located in North and East Texas.

There are rivers nearby so that you can water/tend your crops and/or hydrate your cattle. Also, for your cattle's need of food, Texas is fortunately very grassy and will care for your cattle without having to plant grass.


Land in the United states is $1.25 per acre, much more than Americans can afford.

By contrast, land in Texas can be bought for 12.5 cents per acre and paid out over several years.