by: Cristy Amine , Chloe Hopkins

General info

He is an oilimpian and god of the sea and protector of all aquatic features.Brother of zues and hades.he is lord of the sea and he married amhitrite,one of the granddaughers of the titan oceanus.

Physical Description

he was a very muscular god,he was tall and handsome .he had sea green eyes and brown with streaks of grey beard and hair. He also is known for his crown and trident.

Backround info

Backround info #1

Poseidon fell in love with a goddess Demeter to better him. She asked him to create he most beautiful creature, so he created a horse. This was the first horse. He had a weapon and it was a trident , that could make the earth shake that causes earthquakes. He was the second to Zuse. He was married to amphitrite. She is one of the granddaughters of the Titan oceanus.

present day connection

Poseidon has an impact on today because we still have horses and Poseidon is the one that created the first horse.

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