The Republic of Baltish

Command Economy

Reason for living in Baltish

  • Ranked Third in Security
  • The Best, Cleanest, Pure wild life
  • Famous on the Map, From tourism

Baltish Economy

Balitish Economy is a command. Yes the govt. controls everything. But the safety of the citizens and tourist is STUPENDOUS! Not to mentions the vast beautiful lakes, rec, and historic buildings kept pristine by local civilians.
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Night Life is extremely fun

Since the citizens work all day they're rewarded with Free time, after work but mostly on the weekends. The Government gains a lot of money from these free nights, creating money ripples for their country.
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Why is the Republic of Baltish one of the richest countries?

Since the Govt controls jobs, the country is always kept neat a pristine. The citizens value their country as well so they put much effort into their cleaning. The republic of Baltish is ranked one of the richest Countries; Since the Govt does all the trading mostly internationally. Baltish is known as a hot spot for tourist
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