April-May, 2017


MAP testing begins May 2nd for CMS.

7th & 8th grade will test May 2nd - 4th.

5th & 6th grade will test May 9th - 12th.

Please make sure your child is well rested and eats breakfast on these mornings.


Classroom Lessons wrapped up during April with 5th grade working on friendship skills; 6th grade planning for 7th grade exploratory (or specials) classes and discussing important topics for next year; and 7th & 8th grade finishing Career Exploration.

Eighth grade also worked on their four year Plans with Mrs. Hulbert from the high school and are ready to prepare for schedules in May. On May 15th our 8th grade students will be meeting with Mrs. Hulbert, Mr. Neill and myself to request classes for next year. Parents will be invited to this planning and will receive a letter regarding times the first week of May.

In May, seventh grade students will be planning their exploratory classes for 8th grade as well as discussing what topics they think are most needed during our guidance lessons during their eighth grade year.


Recently Netflix has released a series called "13 Reason Why" which chronicles the reasons why a teenager committed suicide. The series is told through tapes she left to the people whom she blames for her suicide.

This series has a very serious theme that includes graphic images and violence that should not be seen by middle school students unless a parent has previewed the show and then sits with the student and discusses the content.

There are many more ways/resources where parents and students can discuss mental health issues, including suicide prevention, that are told from a positive/solution-based approach. Some of those resources are listed below:

Review of "13 Reasons Why":

Handout with talking points for parents & students:

Suicide Awareness Voices of Education:

JED Foundation:

Suicide Prevention Resource Center: