By: Kevin and Kalen

The religon of Christanity

Christianity is the least popular religion in the Middle East. Christians believe in one God, and his son, Jesus Christ. Abraham is the common figure in all three religions practiced in the Middle East. For Christians, Jerusalem's holy sites include the Church of the Holy Sepulchre (the site of Jesus's crucifixion) and Bethlehem is the site of Jesus's birth. The holy book is the Bible. The Old Testament is like the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament is the Gospel -- story of Jesus's teachings and spread of his message by the Apostles. In Christianity, the key beliefs include prayer, the Sabbath, which is the day of rest on Sundays, the Holy Trinity (Father, son Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit), and the declaration of faith, which is salvation through atoning or sacrificing to forgive the sins of Jesus Christ, who died for the sake of man's sins and rose again. The belief of Christians is eternal life in return. These ideas are practiced through baptism (which marks Christians' entrance into the Church), and Holy Communion (the practice of sharing bread and wine to remember Jesus's last supper, which was the last meal with his followers before he was crucified). The place of worship for Christians is the Church, and the worship leaders have many titles, including minister, preacher, priest and pastor. The Church hierarchy can include titles such as bishop, cardinal, and pope (Roman Catholic). The sects within the church are Orthodox, Roman Catholic and Protestant. Some of the common holidays, holy days and worship days include Christmas -- celebrating the birth of Christ and Easter -- celebrating the death and resurrection of Christ, which allows believers to live with God eternally in Heaven.
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