Toronto from a far

My experience from home

Downtown Toronto

Considering I didn't go downtown with the rest of my class and got the same experience as my peers I have found other ways I can relate to everyone else from my past visits. Toronto is a very dense city with a lot to offer. Toronto includes residential, industrial, institutional and commercial land use. Sometimes I think Toronto is over populated which it is. Toronto consists of many factors such at the CN Tower, Rogers Center, Malls and some buildings for head businesses and that attract tourist, celebrities and others that prefer to live in this kind of environment.

High Density

Down town Toronto is a highly dense city that is packed with people. Sometimes the High Density causes problems such as traffic and a higher cost of living and more population. Most people like to live outside of Toronto but travel there mostly by public transit which ends up costing a lot more then they would like to spend. The other portion of people drive to work but sit in traffic and wake up a lot earlier in order to get to work on time. This is a problem for everyone. A way we can fix this problem is minimize the use of cars that only have one passenger and promote car pooling. We can also