Cell phones in school?

By: Melanni Diaz

Why should cell phones be allowed in school?

Phones are being used more and more everyday. Schools are keeping up with the advanced technology by permitting their use in daily school life. Not only do phones help student in emergency situations, but they can also be used as educational learning tools. If you have any doubts about phone usage in school, there are other ways phones can be allowed in school, without being a bad distraction.


If you have kids, are planning on having them, or just like children in general, then you will probably care about their safety. School shootings are a serious matter and phones can help in those types of worst case scenarios. If a school shooting happens, parents and police can be contacted by students, if phones are allowed. Leslie Meredith from D news wrote an article, "After the Chardon High School shooting earlier this year, administrators at the small-town school in Ohio reported that students used their phones call 911 and to let their parents know they were safe." Phones can also help in smaller situations. If a student forgets their gym clothing, they can contact their parents and have them bring it. Sometimes band practice, or art club are cancelled and parents can be contacted by the students phone, instead of waiting an hour for them to come. Phones should be allowed in schools, because they are helpful in emergencies.

Educational purpose

Phones in school can be used educationally because of apps. Kids can have reminders of tests, or notes, or other educational activities on their phones. Those things can be especially helpful in a school that doesn't have enough funding's to buy individuals electronic devices, such as laptops. Having phones in school also builds personality. If kids are trusted to not lose their phones in school, it teaches them responsibility, because they would want to prove that they can handle it."Building mobiles into the school curriculum enables pupils to learn everything from soft skills, such as learning to use the web effectively, to more specific tools, such as the latest communications and social platforms that are used in the world of work. And that is to say nothing about teaching specific skills, such as coding, which pupils can learn on their own devices, and where they can play with the results of their own work. From a practical point of view, how can we tell children that technology is such an important part of the curriculum when we simultaneously say they can’t be trusted with their own devices because it inhibits their learning?" says Daniel O'Sullivan from The Guardian. That piece of article shows how in tech class, kids should be able to also use their phones to better their future. Phones help educationally to show kids the many different possible things you can do on your phone, to make your life easier. Phones should be allowed in school for education purposes.


People may be concerned that if students are allowed to have phones in class, then it will be a distraction. Some schools let their students bring phones, but they have to keep it in their lockers, turned off. When it's recess or free period, or if asked specifically, then they take out their phones. That's a great way to have phones for students, without the kids being distracted. A website called the galegroup, is a database of a teacher organization that explains other ways that schools should allow kids to have their phones. They explain ways that cheaters would be punished. Schools should allow phones, and if the parents, or kids have a problem with that, then its their own opinion. The few people who don't want phones, could just not bring them. Everybody else who does follow the rules and want phones, should be allowed.

Cell Phone debate

Debate.org is a website that has both opinions of the pro side to phones in school, and the con side. The pro side is full of information related to what I have said, but it's more longer and descriptive. If you want, you can take a look at it!
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Now you understand the reasons why I believe phones should be allowed in school. Phones should be allowed in school because of emergencies, for education, and there are other ways phones can be in school, without your concern.

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