Has every thing you need to know about kid and teen health

What is On This Webseite

This is the largest supply of information of kid and teen health information that you could ever think of. It has almost anything a teen would want to know about staying healthy. Like what drugs and alcohol do to you, or how to keep a healthy diet, or what changes you could be going through. I could go on forever

How “User Friendly” is it?

This website is very user friendly. It is organized by sections and those sections are divided sections, and in those mini-sections there are 3-5 page articles. The articles are very informative to the user in every form possible.

My favorite function of this website.

The website editors helpfully put the the articles that match the current event that is going on at the moment. For example, since it is close to winter the article on what sports you can do when it is cold in on the front page. I find this to be extremely helpful.

Does It Keep Your Progress History?

No, but since this website is so well organized it does not matter at all. You will always be able to find where you were. Even if you do not the is a search bar to help find your last article.

Do You Need To Share Personal Info?

No, since this website is free you don't need to sign up of share personal info

In Agreement

I am not the only one who likes this website. Doctors trust this website a lot and has many awards, like the, Best Family/Parenting Site and Best Health Site on the Web.


This website is amazing in every way and in every form because of its reliability and and easy usage.