Why do you feel like that?

well i think i can help you there .... :)

My little intro

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6Sxv-sUYtMHey my name is Phoenix, I've created this smore because i know that people in the world will feel bad about them selves, about what they have done, what they look like, how they have treated people or how they have been treated. u know what click on this link and listen it might make u feel better .:)


Hey i'm going to say this straight, every one has at least someone big in there family or they are the big one! well WE can do something about that by eating healthy but people can find that hard being forced to change i you wanna change that is amazballs but it's your choice don't let people change you change yourself for what you want.
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People pushing ur buttons

Don't we all know that person who can act nice but it a spoilt little girl/boy . Just ignore them and if that don't work just step up for yourself but not being mean because that's just as bad as the other person. :) You will always have one friend just like you.
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Born this way

You and I look different but we cant help it and don't let anyone put you don because of what you look like you will be perfect to your family and friends.Go on youtube and put in Bullying - stop it.
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