West Bank Story Summative Assesment

by : Emma Mobley

Planning a wedding

Fatima and David love each other. They want to get married. Their families how ever don't approve. So it is up to one wedding planner to save the day. AKA me!

Who will do the ceremony? Where will it happen?

The wedding will take place in Jerusalem. Since it will be in Israel the ceremony will be performed by an Imam, that way both Jews and Muslims will have been represented. They will also be in their holy city so hopefully that will make them happy.

Details of the wedding

  1. The food will be a combination of Jewish and Muslim dishes.
  2. The bride's dress will be Traditional Islamic.
  3. The groom will wear a Traditional Jewish out fit.
  4. The music will be a mix of both religions.
  5. the cake will chosen by both the bride and the groom.
  6. The bride and groom will also pick where they want the ceremony, after party, and recital.


The outside of the wedding will have 5 palestinian gaurds and 5 Israeli guards. The inside will have 10 american guards just insure that no one with a biased opinion of the wedding will have a gun on the inside during the ceremony.

what not to talk about

Both families conflict with each other. Since I don't want Fatima and Davids wedding to haywire I've made a list of topics not to discuss during the wedding.

  1. The wall-the families are not allowed to discuss the wall because it will cause a rift in the social gathering

  2. Terrorists- there will be no accusing people of being a terrorists. if that does happen then they will be respectfully asked to come outside and calm down for a moment before being allowed to enter again

jewish and muslim conflict

Jews and Muslims have been conflicting for many years. The main reason why they have been conflicting is because of the holy city of Jerusalem. The Jews believe that Jerusalem theirs and the Muslims think that it's theirs. So they have been conflicting over religion or in this case religious land. Muslims believe that Abraham was the Jewish profit and the Jews dissagree saying that he was the one who founded it not it's profit.

Border conflict

In Jerusalem there is a form of conflict near the border of the west bank. The Jews don't want any Islamic or Muslim people entering their city so they attempt to keep them out. However the Muslims believe that Israel rightfully belongs to them. Since they think this they attempt to go back into their holy land by force.

american misconceptions

There are many American Misconceptions about Islamic people.

  1. We think that all Muslims are terrorists. That's not true out of thousands of Muslims only a small hand full are terrorists.
  2. We also think that there is a very low population of Muslims in America but in truth there are very many.

significance of the holy land

The holy land is significant because Abraham, Muhammid, and Jesus were there at one time or another and very important things happened to all 3 of these people when they were there.

contreversy between a muslim and a jew marrying

Muslims and Jews have very different belief systems and when they marry (since they steriotypically don't like each other) this creates conflict between the families which ion the movie was already there just later intensified.

If you who want to watch it again...

West Bank Story - The Musical (Full Version)