January Celebrations

Team Holcomb

Congratulations to our Top Sellers in January ($500+)

Misty Hovis - $2818

Sabrina Heim - $2082.50

Chantell Ridgeway -$1709

Wendy Hildebran - $1462.50

Erin Francisco - $1159

Bonnie Felton - $929.50

Michelle Holcomb - $867.50

Michelle Nelson - $706.50

Nikki Winsor - $706.50

Cindy Heim - $622

Congratulations to all of our Top Sellers!!!! And to Misty for being Team Holcomb #1 seller for two months in a row!!!

Top Party Goers (3+)

Misty Hovis - 3

Jill Holcomb - 3

You party ANIMAL!!!

P...A...R...T...WHY?!! CUZ I GOTTA!!!

Congrats to all of you out there partying!!

Nikki Winsor - 2

Wendy Hildebran - 2

Chantell Ridgeway - 2

Sabrina Heim - 2

Michelle Holcomb - 2

Erin Francisco - 2

Bonnie Felton - 1

Michelle Nelson - 1

Amber Banner- 1

Cindy Heim - 1

Highest Personal Party

Top Dawg

Chantell Ridgeway - $1307

Awesome job Chantell!!!!

Team Holcomb Stats

Total Personal Sales $2268

Total Parties - 3

Team Sales - $15,694.50

# Parties - 19

# on team - 23

SD Team Volume - $20,517

Total # Parties - 30

Total # on Team - 39

As a consultant I made $567, but because I chose Leadership my paycheck was $1134.36. This is NOT to impress you, but to impress upon you the BENEFITS of Leadership!

More Benefits of Leadership

- Sense of Accomplishment

-Personal Growth

- Opportunities to earn extra income & bonuses

- Part of companies Elite Group

-Opportunity to attend special leader events; leadership retreats, directors day at conference, Leaders banquet at conference, Leadership Incentive Trip (Riveria Maya)

-Receive information before the rest of the field

-Opportunity to help others be successful


- and many more!

Work smarter and not Harder. Offer the Opportunity to Everyone!

Check out the Career Path on thirtyonetoday.com (tot)


A note from your Director

"For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future" Jeremiah 29:11

You may have seen this on the banner of the Team page. What an awesome verse to read daily. When things don't go the way you plan...or go even better than you planned, you can rest your faith in the Creator of the Universe. He already has it all planned out for you. It may not be what you think you want, but give it time and in HIS perfect timing it will be better than you ever thought. It's calming to know that it's not all on MY shoulders, I don't have to carry the weight of the world, just put my trust in God and all will be good!

What a great month January turned out to be. I don't know about you girls, but things were a little slow going here. It's so funny how quickly things can change. We had a pretty busy month end and I'm so proud of you ladies for working right up til the end!
February is taking off to a great start. I can't wait to see what you girls can achieve this month!


My Contact info

Jill Holcomb

Business Hours


I am trying something new with my business hours. If you are anything like me, if I don't do something WHEN I'm thinking about it, it may never get done. So, if you think of a question for me or just want to say HI, just give me a call, text, email, fb..whatever floats your boat. If it is a good time for me to talk, I will answer or leave a message and I'll get back to you asap. I want to try this to keep the lines of communication open for you girls. Things get crazy quickly and I want to make sure that I am available for you when you need me. But my family comes first, which I hope yours does too, so if I don't answer, just know I WILL get back to you! :-)

Congratulations Bonnie Felton on earning Level 4 startswell!!!!

Welcome to the Team!!!


Kristen Sauerland - Sponsor Michelle Holcomb

Isabel Canales - Sponsor Michelle Nelson


Christy Wyant - Sponsor Michelle Holcomb

Rebecca Rudolph - Sponsor Sabrina Heim
Julie Kritikos - Sponsor Sabrina Heim

Congratulations Girls!! We are so excited to have you apart of the team!

Shooting Hearts

Say what?!

The Snowball fight was so much fun & so motivating...let's keep it going in February. But this time we r going to be using Hearts...cuz we LOVE 31!
Same concept:
- post a single heart for every party booked
- post the double hearts for every party entered (or sales entered)
- post cupid when you add a new team member!!

You can post these on your personal pages as well, to get people wondering what all this lovin' is about! Who knows, it might just get you a new team member, or hostess!!

February is such an awesome special. With the option to get a $10 Zip top Utility tote, who isn't going to want to get in on that?!
Be sure to use the tools under the "how to market February" tab on tot (thirtyonetoday.com) 31 has given us so many tools to help market our business! So let's use them!
Don't forget about Red Stamp! If you haven't taken a chance to check those out, you need too! They are such beautiful cards and can be used in so many ways!
Challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone and contact 5 people a day. Action=Results=Belief=more action. Bottom line....Take Action!!!!

Register to attend April Celebrate & Connect Meeting. This is your SUMMER PRODUCT PREMIERE!!! Registration is February 26th - March 13th. Meetings will be held April 3-6th

What STEP are you taking today to move your business forward?!

January Consultant Spotlight

Britni Burlingham

Hi! My name is Britni Burlingham. I have been married to my husband Merle for 7 and half years and I have never really had a hobby of my own. After our son James got a little older, I started to wish I had something that I could do that was fun and just for me! I went to my first Thirty One party a little over a year ago and loved it! I had so much fun and loved the products. A few months later I attended another party and decided then and there that I wanted to be apart of the Thirty One world! I have been a consultant for a year now!
My favorite products are the Fold and Go Organizer and my zipper pouches. I am also a huge fan of anything that organizes my car. I have the Hang-Up Activity Organizer and the Pack N Pull Caddy in my car now and they are life savers for my son! Anyone who knows me knows I am all about my car being clean and neat! I also always make sure that my 3 year old son carries personalized products to preschool! I love Thirty One and how it makes my life better.
My tip for a new consultant is to enjoy yourself and have fun selling the products!

Thanks Britni! Your smile is contagious and I am glad to have gotten to know you! :-)

Happy Birthday!!! This songs' for YOU!

Christy Wyant - 2/12

Brenda Nelson - 2/19

Erin Francisco - 2/19


Save the Date

Facebook Training
March 4th 6-8pm at the Cambridge Springs Public Library
158 McClellan St, 16403

Come learn how to properly market yourself and your 31 business on facebook. Bring your computer or tablet, this is an in person training. We will learn how to set up and event, & promote it. Also, just figure out how the heck facebook works!! If time permits we may go over navigating your personal websites and thirtyonetoday.com (tot) RSVP by March 1st (either on the FB page or via email, text, phone)

National Conference is July 23-25th in Columbus, Ohio!!
This is an AWESOME opportunity to see just exactly what you are really apart of!! You can earn this trip for FREE with the Conference Bucks Program (see thirtyonetoday.com for details)


You have a tracker for your Conference Bucks as well. Find it under the incentives tabe in your virtual office (mythirtyone.com/______)

Business Tips

-Check tot daily (thirtyonetoday,com)

-monthly specials

-how to market "month" tab (fliers, links, pics)

-this business is growing FAST!! This is the best way to know whats going on!

-Check the Team Holcomb FB Page daily (we have a lot of fun here!)

- New Consultants - keep track of your Startswell, use the tracker found in your virtual office (mythirtyone.com/_______ under the incentives tab)

No matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everyone on the couch!