The sikhism

The sikhism believe and religlous

The Sikhism have a good relationship with god the Sikh's god have 99 names .The Sikhism only believe in one god they also believe in samsara the cycle of birth, life , and death and they also believe in karma good or bad things .The Sikhism also believe that everyone is in the hands of god the Sikhism also pray 4 times a day


The Sikhism are split up into different groups they are named Ravidasis , Namdharis , Udaiss . The Sikhism celebrations are base on the nanakshahi calendar the calendar is a universally gift and more .The five Ks are the Sikhism dress code is

1.kesa means long hair never cut and is covered with a turban 2.kangah means all ways use a long comb

3.kacha means were short pants

4 kara means were a metal bracelet

5. kirpan means were a ceremonial dagger


The women were a salvar kamees a long drees with a little bling and the pants are baggy with a elastic waist this can come in to different sizes and colours and with a long scarf on the shoulders .The men were a shirt that is white with a ankle long pants with a turban and it is called a bana


The Sikhism are vegetarians because they think that it would not be spiritually and they mostly eat roti snacks and sweets and vegs and milk calloo and more.

the sikhism god

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