Technology Purchasing Desicion

Graphic Designer, Cashier, and Sales Representative

Best technology

A graphic designer who exclusively works in the office the best type of technology would be an Apple MacBook Pro 15.4" laptop although the most expensive at $2,299.99. It dose have the most hard disk space, resolution, and most Ram. For a Cashier who is responsible for assisting customers with purchase I would recommend portable scanners. The type I would recommend would be the Motorola Ll4278-TRbuoluuzwr Barcode scanner this one cost $445.30 this one is cheaper and also has more communication range. The best piece of technology I would recommend for a sales representative who travels to various locations and needs wireless communications capabilities would be a Toshiba-Radius a 2-in-1 this cost $799.99. I would recommend this piece of technology because this sales representative is always on the go so this is light weight and acts as a laptop and tablet. Also it has wireless communication capability which is exactly what we were looking for.

Apple, Motorola, Toshiba