UPDATES! So MANY updates!

Director's Call Updates!

Updates from the Nest!

BRACELETS!!!! Available to order THIS FRIDAY at 12am EST!!!! November 8 is the DAY we have all been waiting for!

New system updates:

PV is updated in about 20 minutes time, not immediately at this moment. They are working on this, but it may always have a slight delay.

Sales Tax: a rounding of sales tax is taking place right now. They are working on it. Just go with what the system says for right now.

HOSTESS TAXES - hostess WILL be charged on their free items, hostess exclusives and 50% off items. Make sure to total amount it would have been in retail and charge tax rate on that. This is NORMAL per DS companies and it was actually in ERROR that we were not able to do this on our old system. The Nest has been paying our taxes for these! Thank you Nest! By law though, taxes must be collected. In summary, collect taxes on everything pre-discount!

A FAQ is going to coming ASAP about new system updates and will be coming on a regular basis to help out with commonly asked questions! YAY!

Who recently signed up on my team? How do I find out this information? Go to Reporting, Downline Reports, and search by date of enrollment. Click on the date of enrollment twice I think and it goes to the soonest date.

When entering sales for jewelry bars, you can choose to charge full retail to the customer's order or simply wholesale. This is an awesome feature with LOTS more freedom for you! Commissions are paid out when you charge them retail, but you collect the commission from the customer immediately and only pay wholesale when you choose that option on the party! That is what I will do! This may take more explaining so contact your Mentor to discuss thoroughly! ;)

Where is October's info from the old system on the new system? NOT there yet, but coming. In the midst of all the things needing updated and fixed, this was a lower priority! It will be coming soon. (By the end of the week is the forecast.)

Documents in the DOC LIBRARY are updated! :)

Credit cards are NOT charged until the party CLOSES for jewelry bars!

Designer locator on main site is being worked on right now.

All of us currently have the same renewal date. This was just for consistency with the new change. It was default and does not apply.

The coupon code is not a current feature that works on the checkout page. It is something that they have for future use, but they did not go into detail. Just tell you customer exactly that and it is not for you to offer THEM a DISCOUNT! :) Then, as stated in FB group, tell them "NO SOUP FOR YOU!" LOL!

***Hidden - did you read the newsletter response! Reply to this newsletter with one charm that means something to you and why!!*** First five will receive something special in the mail. (And yes, I still need to send out the last newsletter winners...it's been a crazy couple of weeks, sorry!)

Personalize your website NOW! Make it more personal and inviting with your picture and your story!

You website has a search feature! People can look up a hostesses's name to associate a party with that person! (I have not done this myself yet, so don't quote me on this. It was simply mentioned on call.)

Remember, you are the only person responsible for your tax reporting. Not the Nest. They will send you a 1099 for commission they paid out, but now that you can order wholesale on parties, that will not be included in your 1099. Therefore, YOU NEED TO KEEP RECORD OF THIS FOR TAXES. Find a tax professional and save your booty! ;) (That is my personal advice, not the Nest's!)


Just as the shipping grid shows, if you have 4+ orders going to the HOSTESS, you ONLY charge the customer $4. If this weekend something else showed up, call designer care to fix. With 4+ order going to the hostesses address (or your address with the hostess's name, hint, hint, hint), each customer pays $4, your hostess is FREE, and all orders outside the party placed on your website associated with the party go for normal shipping rates because they are DIRECT shipped to the customer.

PARTY HAS TO BE CLOSED FOR SHIPPING TO TAKE PLACE AND FOR CARDS TO BE CHARGED! Yes, this is NEW! If you need something shipped right away, but associated with a specific jewelry bar, order it on your website and associate with party and shipping will simply be more than the $4 group rate.

Whew!!!! My fingers hurt! Remember, with all questions, go to your mentor FIRST (if they are available, but give them time to respond...they WANT to be there to support you, but we all have various schedules!!!!) and then post to group (keep it positive) and then if you absolutely need assistance contact you further Upline! Myself or my lovely STLs and ETLs! :)