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It's hard to believe that the first quarter of the school year will be over this coming Thursday! Make note of the upcoming calendar dates listed below, as there will be some days off of school and an E-Learning Day for our students. We are so proud of our students and staff for the work they have accomplished so far this school year!

We encourage our families to read through the article below on Standards-Based grading. You may be noticing 3's and 4's instead of A's and B's on your child's assignments, and this article is great reminder of what the numbers mean and how they are helping your child.

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Wednesday, Oct. 16th, 6-7:30pm

Portage High School West Auditorium (Door G)

Portage Township Schools parents, guardians, staff, and community members are invited to join us for our Vaping Symposium and Information Night on October 16 at the PHS West Auditorium at 6:00 p.m.

This informative event will begin with a presentation on how adults can identify vape products and look for signs that their child is vaping. Following the presentation is a panel discussion featuring school staff and community experts who will be discussing the legal ramifications, psychological impacts, and disciplinary consequences of vaping. Participants will leave feeling empowered to have important conversations with their children and students about the dangers of vaping. (*This is an adult-only event.)


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As the end of the first grading period nears, families may have noticed that our teachers are evaluating student performance in a different way.

Standards-referenced grading allows us to give our students and families a more accurate account of their understanding of each subject's standards. Learning goals, phrased in the form of an "I Can" statement, set realistic and understandable expectations and are posted in each classroom every day. Doing this provides students with an idea of what they will be learning each day and gives them the ability to communicate what they have learned at school. Each learning goal is graded on a 4.0 scale that communicates how well your child understanding each standard.

4.0 - The student knows the skill/concept so well that he or she could explain it to others or apply it to various other situations.

3.0 - The student knows this skill/concept to master the grade-level expectation.

2.0 - The student is still working toward mastering this skill/concept, but is very close to meeting their goal.

1.0 - The student needs additional help to understand this skill/concept.

0.0 - The student does not understand the skill/concept, even with support.

Increments of 0.5 may be used to show progress the student is making from one level to another.

This scale may be used both formally and informally in the classroom. In a formal setting, teachers assign specific tasks for the students to demonstrate their understanding of a learning goal; our teachers can track this data and provide targeted instruction to help students achieve mastery and beyond. In an informal setting, teachers may ask students to hold up the number of fingers that represents their level of understanding of a skill or concept. Doing so allows our teachers to see who may need additional help and who is ready to be further challenged.


Central Elementary School is ready to Spread the Love at their Peanut Butter Collection Drive! Give your donations to a Central Elementary student or bring them to the main office through October 18. The class that donates the most jars will win a pizza party! See the flyer below for more information.
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Saylor third grade students win Coin Wars Competition

Saylor Elementary School took on South Haven Elementary School once again in the annual Coin Wars Competition! This year, Saylor Elementary raised the most money for the Portage Backpack Program, so South Haven Elementary principal Mr. Misecko walked to Saylor Elementary to have lunch with the students. The third grade classes at Saylor raised the most money at their school, so Mr. Misecko enjoyed lunch with them and help them duct tape Mr. Zack to the wall at recess as an extra reward. Watch Mr. Misecko's walk from South Haven to Saylor!

2019-2020 Coin Wars - Saylor vs. South Haven

Central's AOK Club creates Kindness Rocks

Central Elementary School's AOK (Acts Of Kindness) Club recently created kindness rocks! The students painted rocks with a variety of designs and placed them throughout the community. The students hope that their creations bring happiness to whoever finds them. Great job to our Central AOK members!

Willowcreek Middle School's Super Spellers

Willowcreek Middle School's Spell Bowl team had their first competition this week! Our Willowcreek spellers achieved a score of 50 out of a possible 72, correctly spelling tough words like tableau, synopsis, and precipitation. Zoey Zettler and Alannah Sweeney led the team with perfect rounds, spelling all nine words correctly. Caddick McKee and Olivia McKee brought in seven points each. Great job, Spell Bowl!
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Myers students learn about seeds from Soil & Water Conservation District

The first grade classes at Myers Elementary School recently participated in the S is for Seeds program with the Porter County Soil & Water Conservation District. Students used a magnifying lens to examine and classify different seeds. Then, classes went on a nature walk outside of the school to find seeds from plants and trees. Students were very excited to use their very own magnifying lens to make observations in nature! Great job, everyone!

Jones students practice STEM learning

Mrs. Gill's class at Jones Elementary recently built an amazing marble run maze! With some careful planning and experimentation, the students successfully competed the maze. You can watch their creation in the video below. Great job to our Jones students!
STEM Learning at Jones Elementary

Willowcreek music students put their new skills to the test

Our Willowcreek Middle School sixth grade band and orchestra students made their debut at their first concert of the school year! The students did a wonderful job showcasing what they have learned during the first quarter of the school year, and we look forward to watching them grow as musicians!

Willowcreek students learn about careers in art

Ms. Arnold and Mrs. Suther's eighth grade art students at Willowcreek Middle School welcomed a virtual guest speaker from Minneapolis last week. The class connected through Google Hangout, and the students were able to ask questions, view his work, and engage in conversation about his career in Advertising and Marketing. What a great start to their unit about Art Careers!

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