The Incredibles

Alexis and Manases

Alexis Nayeli Ayala

Hi my name is Alexis Nayeli Ayala, I was born in Pasadena, Tx. My favorite type of music is hip hop. What I do for fun is to go outside, a word that describes me is crazy, what I do on the weekends is to go with my friends. If I had a super power my super power will be invisibility so I can hit people without them seeing me. The most important person to me is my brothers, my future goals to look in the future. I get mad when I get stressed, the most important lesson that I learned this year is that I have to make my mom proud and my biggest fear is losing my family.

Manases Eugenio Sopon

Hi my name is Manases Euginio Sopon, I was born in Pasadena. My favourite type of music is classic, I do for fun is play on my phone. One word to describe myself is quiet, what i do for weekends is sleep. If I had any power i would be strong to hit people hard. My mom is the most important person to me. My goals to do is pass college. When i get stressed out, I eat. My important lesson in my life learned this year is to give up. Losing his family is the most that I'm afraid of.