Grade 2 Newsletter

SJI International Elementary, Singapore

Week 16 Christmas Term: 30th November - 4th December 2016


On Monday we had a successful trip to Fort Canning Art Museum. The children learned about artefacts and jewellery from Asia and looked at original paintings and sculptures from around the world.

Back in class, we have made a map of our bedrooms. We had to remember that a map is a bird's eye view, to use appropriate symbols, to get the size and the relative positions of items correct and to make a key. We have also researched World Treasures and investigated the UNESCO world heritage sites.

Next week, we will reflect on the knowledge, skills and understanding that we have gained over the past 7 weeks and talk about the best parts of this unit.

As an Exit Point we will make an Egyptian mask and have some Art-astic fun!

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Language Arts

In Language Arts, we are coming towards the end of the 'How to' genre study. After having the modelling of 'How to make a mummy' last week, the children have had free choice on topic for this week's writing. The range of books has been from how to make a pizza to how to play handball. The children really thrive in Writer's Workshop sessions when they are given the freedom of topic choice.

We are nearing the end of our comprehension focus in reading for this term. The children have particularly enjoyed answering questions on the Egyptian texts. They have worked in groups, with books pitched to their abilities to find the answer to questions we created. We have been most impressed with the progress the children have made with the retrieval of answers to literal questions. We will build on this skill next year.

We have completed a spelling assessment on the children this week, based on the spelling patterns and rules we have focused on since August.

Next week we will carry out a pre-assessment ready for our January spelling focus.


In Maths, this week we continued on with Multiplication and Division, focusing on solving one step word problems. To begin with, we looked at using the RUCSAC method (read, understand, calculation, solve, answer and check) to understand a problem in order to use the correct calculation to solve it. We spent one day each on understanding multiplication and then division word problems. Throughout the week we continued to build upon our known 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 multiplication and related division facts.

Next week, we will focus our attention on both multiplication and division problems together in order to notice the difference in the key vocabulary and style of questioning. To end the week we will complete our end of chapter test.

Home Learning

There will not be any home learning in the final week of term. Enjoy a well deserved break and some Christmas festivities!

Upcoming events

Carols By Candlelight, SJIIES Crib Service

Thursday 10th December, 6.25pm in the Pavilion for a candle lit procession to the Chapel for a 6.30 start. Hope to see many of you there!

Grade 2 Zoo Expedition

Thursday and Friday January 14th - 15th 2016

Now would be a good time to share the zoo information you have been sent with your child and to chat about any concerns they may have about the overnight zoo trip. If your child has never experienced a sleep over before, perhaps one could be arranged to alleviate some of their worries.

Change of Date: Sports Day

Grade 2 /3 sports day will now be Tuesday 8th March.