Summer Activities & Enrollment

June 8th, 2021

Final Words from the Principal...

Dear Piper Prairie Families,

This year was one for our record book!! When you set records, you do something that has never been done before, beating a previous mark set and breaking new territory. Well, Pirates, you definitely blazed a new trail this past year and a half! When you look back on this year, I want you to remember a few things and know that you persevered and moved mountains through this time!

Before telling you how wonderful you are, I want to acknowledge the toll this year has taken on many of us - the unknown, the stress, the financial difficulties, building a classroom in your house, new technology to learn, high emotions, anxiety, and depression. These were the real thing during this pandemic. I heard from families apologizing because you couldn't log on, you missed a class, didn't understand the technology, or life just got too busy. During this whole time, you wanted the best for your child; you wanted it perfect for protecting them from the effects of living during a pandemic, both healthwise and socially/emotionally. We never wanted anyone to hurt.

Our Piper Family was amazing. As partners in learning, we navigated through our new technology platform and gave each other grace as we worked through the process. Your kind words of encouragement through email and social media were comforting, as we were unsure and stressed at times trying to develop a new model of instruction. This community partnered, prayed, and allowed us to FAIL (first attempt in learning) because you trusted us.

You believed in us. You knew every decision we made was best FOR KIDS!

To see our staff shift and adjust the things they did to help families in need, the long hours, and putting their students first above all things moves me to tears. They put aside much of their own stress to get the job done, so our students had the best learning experience possible. There were days of tears, but there were days of CELEBRATION! They never wavered. I hope they have the best summer and reflect on all the good they did this year.

Let's not forget about what the kids did. They persevered. They found new ways to learn, they worked hard to meet their individualized goals, they adjusted to the COVID guidelines, and THEY lifted the US when we were down. Their smiles and innocence reminded us that life isn't so bad sometimes when you see the good. Our students learned flexibility, how to adjust, and self-manage. They made incredible growth, maybe not always proficient, but growing DESPITE some tough situations. We often worry about what our students can't do, but their CAN DO list is long. These things won't show up on their report card but will travel with them through life. They will be able to navigate the unknown when it comes to a skill they never had. I am and continue to be PROUD of THEM!

Students taught us a lot about loving more without judgment, cherishing relationships, and seeing the good. Thank you to all our students for letting us know about what is important in life. Thanks for making us laugh and smile! At times, we focused on other things we should, but you always brought us back to OUR PURPOSE. I can't thank you enough.

I am proud to be the principal of this school. We did the hardest things and grew closer as a community. Take a moment to reflect, celebrate yourself and your child. I hope we never have to go through another pandemic, but if we do, this is the crew I want with me to do hard things. We love you, Piper Praire Pirates, have a great summer!

Stay Safe! YOU Matter!

~Mrs. Grable

Enjoy our Piper Prairie End of the Year Video!

PPE EOY Video 20-21

Important Dates

Wednesday, June 9th - Last day for building administrators! Mrs. Grable & Mr. Malaschak have left the building! See you in August! Questions about enrollment call the district office (913) 721-2088.

Summer School - July 6th - 30th, Monday - Friday, 8:30 am-11:30 am, Piper Middle School!

Contact Stephanie Sorenson, summer school principal, for questions.


2021-2022 NEW Piper Residency Policy! PLEASE READ before you ENROLL!

Now that enrollment is live on the district website, please keep in mind critical changes to the proof of residency materials that you need to provide.

Please contact Kendra Hughes, Piper Prairie Elementary Registrar, with questions. / (913) 721-1243 between now and June 4th.

Questions Between June 5th-July 23rd

Chantel Nicolay ~ District Enrollment

Phone:(913) 721-2088


Secretaries and building principals return on Monday, July 26th.

Please find attached to this email the new Residency Policy in its entirety.

Below is the information sent out by Dr. Dain in her Tuesday Talk, 2/2/21.

2021-2022 Enrollment

NEW Piper Residency Policy

The Board of Education adopted a new Residency Policy that went into effect after the December 14, 2020 Board of Education Meeting.

The new policy was reviewed by the District’s General Counsel, the Piper High School Resource Officer, district and building administrators, along with aligning with Kansas State Statutes. Some of the points I would want to bring to your attention:

  • Guardianships will require court orders
  • In multi-family or generational homes, proof of residency will require both the home owner and the parent/guardian to provide a current driver’s license with the Piper residency
  • All Families will have to provide three (3) different types of proof of residency. The following shall serve as appropriate proof of residency.
  1. Documentation of home ownership in the name of the caregiver;
  2. Documentation of a rental or lease of residential property in the name of the parent/caregiver that includes landlord contact information and the names of all tenants living in the residence;
  3. Property tax statement in the name of the caregiver;
  4. Proof of BPU or ATMOS utility service to the residential property in the name of the caregiver;
  5. Driver’s License with current address of home owner and/or parent and/or guardian with residency in Piper School attendance boundaries;
  6. Court Order or other Official documentation of the prospective student’s custodial status;
  7. Verification by a school official employed by USD 203.

Along with the proposed policy, the following administrative practices have been added:

  • Parents will read and “sign off” that they acknowledge providing false information may result in criminal prosecution under K.S.A. 21-5824, which prohibits the making of a false writing with the intent to defraud or induce official action
  • Creating a protocol in which community members can report a residency concern on the website that will notify the District School Resource Officer to investigate.
  • Updated Skyward so that families only have to upload their Proof of Residency one time and it will link to all of the students in that family.


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Youth Football Camp! Click on the following Gmail link!

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Bus Transportation

If you have questions about anything related to transportation, please feel free to reach out to our District Transportation Manager, Kathy German at:


YMCA will offer before and/or after school care options as well as Fridays at an additional cost. If you are interested, please click HERE.