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Welcome, Spring!

Savannah Jane's Farmhouse is my creative retirement venture. I create upcycled and repurposed clothing, accessories and home decor. My items have a sweet, sentimental vibe. May I create something lovely for you?

Ten years ago, when my parents downsized out of the house I grew up in, I had the responsibility of deciding what to do with everything in the house. Mom had Alzheimers and Dad had Parkinsons disease, and it seemed like overnight I became their caregiver. I paid their bills, managed their daily life needs and helped them transition into a retirement community. When they moved, I brought boxes full of sentimental items home, but for years, I couldn't bring myself to open them. Dad passed in 2010, and Mom followed in 2014. I decided that part of a healthy grieving process for me was to open those boxes and remember what I brought home. I started unpacking those tangible reminders of the intangible gifts my parents gave me. Many of the items were precious to me, but not really usable anymore in their original condition.

I started repurposing objects into lovely things to feather my nest or things to wear. Dad's red cordouroy shirt that he always wore on Christmas Day is now a tunic for me, embellished with Mom's lace and her red rose handkercheif. I have found that these treasured items, with new purpose in my own house, keep my parents close to heart. Every time I see the mosaic coffee table from mom's and my grandmothers' china, my heart smiles.

I've emptied all those boxes from Mom and Dad's now. I realized something on my own grief journey. I can repurpose items for others. I work with all sorts of materials, including linens, clothing, lace, dishes, luggage, jewelry and more. And I love to treasure hunt and find things that are just waiting for a new purpose in someone else's home or wardrobe.

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Find Me at Village Emporium

Please stop by my booth at Village Emporium in Charlotte.
1615 Sardis Road North (at corner of Sardis N and Monroe Rd - right beside Harris Teeter)
I'm near the front of the store to the right.

The booth currently features the above items, plus:
Aprons - great for Mother's Day
Decor - lampshades, art, shelves, lighting
Savannah Jane shirts - wear over leggings - shirts embellished with something vintage

Jean Jackets embellished with lace

Infinity scarves from beautiful soft vintage cottons and lace
Headbands with vintage bling - some of it is my Mom's bling
Birds, Teacups, Antiques and more

Savannah Jane's Farmhouse

Do you have something old and treasured that needs a new use? Contact me for ideas.
Beth Jones