Inequalities Reflections

Unit 3

Writing Inequalities

To write inequalities you first have to know the difference between an inequality and a equation. The difference is that the answer for an inequality can be multiple things but for an equation it can only be one thing. Also, in inequalities there is no equal signs like in equations, instead there are comparing symbols. Such as less than, greater than, less than or equal to, greater than or equal to. When looking at word problems always look for specific phrases such as: Is fewer than, Is less than ( for less than). Is at most, Is no more than ( for less than or equal to). Is more than, Is greater than ( greater than). Lastly, Is at least, Is no less than ( greater than or equal to).

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Solving Inequalities

Solving inequalities is just like equations with variables, you have to isolate the variable. They also both simulator for both of them whatever you do one one side you have to do to the other side. simply add or subtract from both sides if you can, and if you can also multiply or divide from both sides. Also VERY IMPORTANT: if there is a negative sign in the inequality than you have to divide or multiply, then flip the sign.

Graphing Inequalities

Graphing inequalities is very easy once you know the rules. When graphing you use a number line. Draw a circle above the number you are comparing. REMEMBER: When you are doing this always remember if the answer is greater than or equal to, or if its less than or equal to remember to color in the hole. If its less than, greater than leave the hole blank. Lastly, place your line going whatever way the answer of you inequality is.
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