Oklahoma State University


History of Oklahoma State

  • On December, 14th 1891, Oklahoma Territorial Agricultural and Mechanical school opened.
  • The oldest building on campus is "Old Central." It opened on December, 15th 1894.
  • The first graduating class graduated in 1896. It was a class of 6 men.
  • On May, 15th 1957, the school officially changed their name to Oklahoma State University.

Financial and Test Scores

In state tuition: $8,440

Room and Board: $8,710

Fall financial help deadline: January 1st

Automatic Admission:

  • GPA: 3.0 AND top 33% of your class
  • OR 24 YOUR ACT AND 1090 on your SAT

Major: Forensic Science Minor: Dance

What I Want to do with my degree:

I want to become a forensic scientist. On average they $67,500.

Why I Want to go to OSU:

  • Because my both my parents, my grandfather, and my cousin all went/ are going there.
  • Since my parents both went there, I will be able to pay in state tuition, which is cheaper that most major colleges in Texas.
  • It's close to home.

Interesting Facts

  • It was the first college to offer PhD in unmanned air systems.
  • It has the the largest comprehensive student union.
  • Pistol Pete was voted the best Big12 school mascot, three times.