hiv awareness

sub saharan africa by Nathan kroubetz

What is HIV?

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HIV and aids

1.Sub Saharan Africa alone accounted for an 70 percent of people live with HIV.

2.Hiv and aids is a major health concern cause death in many parts of Africa.

3.In Sub saharan africa there are 23,500,000 people that are living with HIV.

4.In sub saharan africa the number of people newly infected with HIV fell from 2.2 million people to 1.8 million.

5.In 22 countries of sub saharan HIV incidence rate declined more than 25%.

6.In Southern Africa the number of children under 15 became newly infected with HIV from 190,000 to 320,000.

7.About 45 percent of new infection occur among young ages 15 to 24.

8.Sub saharan Africa is home to 67 percent of the total world hiv positive population.

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