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Beaufort County

Beaufort County was founded in 1712

Beaufort County got it's name from Henry Somerset the 2nd Duke of Beaufort

What to do in Beaufort?

You can do many things in Beaufort ranging from Boat tours of the pamlico river to visiting the maritime museum.

we also have many natural landmarks like the Goose creek park, and North Carolina esturium to visit.

and if you really want to dive into Beaufort's history you can go to Beaufort's Historic Site to learn more.


Beaufort is located in the inner banks of North Carolina

Beaufort is bordered by six county's:

Washington (northeast)

hyde county (east)

pamlico county (southeast)

pitt county (west)

craven county (southwest)

matin county (northeast)


Beaufort's county seat is Washington

Beaufort's county manager is Randell Woodruff

Beaufort has seven county board of commissioners

there are seven members of city council and they are elected to four year terms.

also Beaufort has an elected mayor and the city council elect a city manager to handle the activates is Beaufort.