Avery Tatham

Art Student

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First 2 Six Weeks Of Art Class

In the first 2 six weeks of art class we have learned about Line, Shape, Form, and Value. We learned that there are different types of lines, such as expressive and contour. During the unit of shape we learned about geometric and organic shapes. During the unit of Shape and Form we made sculptures combining the two together. Henri Matisse and Peter Reginato have also had an influence on some of our art projects. The most recent of our lessons has been about the holiday Dia de los Muertos. We learned about the history and the culture of the holiday. To tie into the holiday we did a project where we drew sugar skulls using our knowledge of line, shape, form, and value. During this project you were also able to be chosen to have your art displayed in the Tyler Museum of Art. To practice for grid drawing the 7th and 8th grade art students drew an alligator together. Every student received one or more squares to complete, and in the end they all fit togther (like a puzzle) and it created an alligator. These drawings were given to Mr. Kaiser and the other to our school library. Now for the rest of the semester we will be focusing toward these art elements: Texture, Color, and Space.
CGI Student Academy Award Gold Medal Winner Short Film HD: "Dia De Los Muertos" from Whoo Kazoo