what it takes to become a lawyer

Elisabeth oisten

things you must know before starting college

1.if you are a very lazy person you should just get out now they do not want lazy people that don't ever turn in there homework or pay attention

2. law school is very intense if you are no up for a challenge then law is not something you want to do I promise you

3.there is so much reading and studying you have to do if you don't like reading then just stop reading because you shouldn't be in lawenforsment

4.make sure you have everything planed out before you start college if you know you are not sure about what kind of degree you want then its best if you just wait

the average annual salary is for a Civilian:$113,530, and for a Military:in$104,424

    1. The average growth rate for all occupations is expected to be 14 percent.

things your lawyer doesnt tell you but should

!.don't bring your family to our conclusion

2.get it all in writing and when I saw all I mean your prof and what happened that day it helps the judge and your lawyer

3.make sure you where formal clothes don't dress inappropriately or the judge will not take you seriously and he or she will not take you seriously and will think you do not care about you trial

colege is very important

if you don't know what you want then just wait I am not saying don't go to college just figure out what you want before you start college but don't wait to long or you will get to used to the fact that you do not have school and you will not take college seriously when you do get to college.
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