All the Info you will need to be successful on MAP Testing

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Motivation for the MAP

Do your best, You got this students!

Schedule for MAP Testing

It is extremely important that you are here on time for testing and give your best effort. All make up testing will have to be completed to go on any end of year field trips!

Bring your earbuds, calculators and charged chrome books for testing!

Times for testing

All grade levels will test 1st and 2nd hours. 3rd hour, only if necessary.

Tuesday, April 9th ELA Session 1

Wednesday, April 10th ELA Session 2

Thursday, April 11th ELA Session 3

Friday, April 12th ELA Session 4 (8th grade only)

Tuesday, April 16th Math Sessions 1 & 3

Wednesday, April 17th Math Session 2

Thursday, April 18th (8th grade only)

Science Sessions 1 & 2

Make ups will be Monday, April 22nd, Tuesday, April 23rd and Wednesday, April 24th.

All MAP testing will have to be made up for you to go on any end of the year field trips.


Each day of MAP testing, we will have a special GAME ON incentive! Earn your points and get a free pass to end the day with free time.

Oh Wait...THERE’S MORE! If you earn your daily incentive for every day of MAP Testing you will earn a special, top secret destination.

Earn your pass to free time by showing your PEP! You must earn at least 7 checks to participate each day!


  • My Chromebook is charged.

  • My earbuds are with me in class.

  • I was on time to class.


  • I was focused on the test.

  • I had a positive attitude.


  • I took appropriate time on questions.

  • I doubled checked my work.

  • I read or worked when I finished.

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Have a good laugh with some partner Yoga!

Project Extra Students

If you are a project extra student you will still attend on your regular scheduled day, but you will report to class for your scheduled MAP testing first. You will report to Mrs. Webb after lunch.

Be Ready & Prepared!

It is extremely important that you get plenty of rest and a good breakfast on testing days so you are rested and ready to give your best effort on your MAP tests.

Do not bring your cell phone to your testing classroom! You need to leave your phone in your locker.

Things you do need for testing! Earbuds, your charged chrome book and a calculator (some will be available in your classroom and you will have access to the calculator on your chrome book.

Expectations and More

All FMS students will be testing at the same time this year so you will remain in your classroom until all students are done with their tests. You will need to bring a book to read and be quiet while others finish.

FMS will need hallways to be quiet so that everyone can do their best and not get distracted. So, if your class is on a scheduled break you need to be mindful that other classrooms are testing.

Please be mindful of classrooms connected to your classroom that may be testing. (above,below, around)

Silent Hallways, PLEASE!


  1. End Testing Session: Please make sure you do not click on “end testing session” before the test is over (it locks the test).

  2. Finish Early: When you finish testing you are allowed to read a book. Please be respectful of everyone in your classroom and remain quiet.

  3. Headphones: Please bring your earbuds!

  4. Dictionary,thesaurus and grammar book: 8th grade students will have access to these items during Session 1 of ELA (writing prompt).

  5. Graph Paper and Periodic Table will be provided for 8th grade science.

  6. Calculators: All students will need a calculator for some Math sessions. 8th graders will also need a calculator for their science sessions.

  7. Scratch paper: You can use scratch paper for ALL Testing Sessions. It can be lined, blank or graphed. All scratch paper will need to be turned into your teacher.

  8. Issue with Chromebooks: Don't panic, if you have an issue with your chrome book raise your hand and notify your teacher. He or she will contact the appropriate person to come assist you.

  9. Chrome book use during MAP Testing will be limited to testing periods during the 6 days of testing at FMS.

  10. If you are late: Students coming to school more than 10 minutes into a testing period will not be allowed to go to that classroom and will remain in the office until that testing period is over. You will be assigned to one of the make up days!

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