Earth Day is Coming!

Do you want to help plan an activity for Cooper Lane?

April 22nd is Earth Day!

The day we come back from Spring Break is officially Earth Day. Earth Day is recognized around the world as a day to take action in beautifying our planet and educating everyone about how to conserve our planet's resources.

It would be nice to recognize this event school-wide, but we are quite late in putting something together. We have different options in order to not let this day pass unrecognized--each teacher can individually take care of her own class' activities; we can move the date in order to allow us some time to plan a bigger celebration; we can plan (via google docs and email) a quick or small school-wide activity.

Please share your ideas. The first link has information about Earth Day. The second link is for you to add your ideas and comments about our school's Earth Day activities.

(Keep in mind that professional landscape architects will be planting in front of our school as part of the grant won by Ms. Ali, but that date has not been determined yet.)

If you are interested in meeting in person, we can meet for 15 minutes on Thursday after-school.

Earth Day Planning

Thursday, April 10th, 2:15-2:30pm

The Art Room, Cooper Lane ES