Cabot Learning Academy


What is my student learning this week? November 16-20

K-4 Class

Social Studies: Thanksgiving Theme activities

Reading: Guided Reading, comprehension strategies, main characters, listening comprehension, long and short vowels, and silent e.

Wrting: Writing in response to what they read

Math: Number Sense

Social Skills: Self-Control, Responsibility, Respect

5-8 Class

Reading: Reading book - Bud, Not Buddy, Figurative Language hyperbole, Inferences, and character analysis.

Math: Individualized lessons on Moby Max (Computer based math program) and Place Vallue with multiples of 10.

Social Skills: Respect and Manners

Science and Social Studies: Solar System and Geography

Breakfast Menu

Week 2

Monday: Sausage Biscuit, Fruit, Milk

Tuesday: Mini Cini, Yogurt, Fruit Juice, Milk

Wednesday: Chocolate Donuts, Yogurt, Fruit Juice, Milk

Thursday: Sausage Pancake Sandwich, Fruit, Milk

Friday: Poptart, Cereal, Fruit juice, Milk

Lunch Menu

Week 2

Monday: Sloppy Joe, Baked Chips, Carrot Sticks + Dip, Baked Beans, Fruit

Tuesday: Breaded Chicken Sandwich, Potato Wedges, Sliced Cucumbers + Dip Fruit

Wednesday: Grilled Cheese Sandwich, goldfish Crackers, Green Beans, Frozen Fruit Sorbet,

Thursday: Popcorn Chicken, Tateer Tots, Carrots, Wheat Roll, and Fruit

Friday: Cheese Pizza, Spinach Salad, Whole kernel corn, sour Raisels,


Remember to bring in your Boxtops. Each Boxtop is worth 10 cents. The money will help us purchase additional items for our school.

School Board Meeting

On Tuesday, Novemver 16, 2015 at 6:00 P.M. is the regular session of the board meeting.

K-8 Parents' Corner


Children thrive on positive attention. children need to feel loved and appreciated. By selecting and using some of the phrases below on a daily basis with your child, you will find that he will start paying more attention to you and will try harder to please.

Yes Good Fine Very good Very fine Excellent Marvelous At-a-boy

Right That's right correct Wonderful I like the way you do that Wow

I'm pleased with you That's good Oh boy Very nice Good work Great going

good for you that's the way much better Great job controlling yourself

I like the way you ______ I had fun ______ with you You are improving at ___ more and more

Family Game Night , Tuesday, November 17, 2015


We hope everyone is planning to attend our Family Game Night. We will have plenty of food, fun and games to play. It is from 6:00 to 7:30 P.M.