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Proficiency Based Promotion Testing---Requests Due 9/2!

Applications for Proficiency Based Promotion or validation of homeschooling are available online. The forms must be submitted by the school to the Assessment Office by September 2nd.

We will send all communications regarding any student who has signed up for PBP testing through your school contact beginning on 9/3. Students who are new to the district from a homeschooling setting, will need to take the PBP test and pass all tested subjects at a 70% or higher. Students who wish to test in order to skip a grade must score a 90% or higher on all tested subjects. If you have any questions about the assessment, please contact our office.

OAAP Performance Levels on SSO

OAAP performance levels for Dynamic Learning Maps tests in reading and math are now posted on Single Sign On. The site principal has access to logging in to view these scores. Click on A-F Report Cards and then select Your School. The scores are posted under the Student Assessments link.

Becky and Erin will be posting scores on PowerSchool for 2015 seniors. These will be posted on the Graduation Progress Page as "pending" or "pending passed" based on the performance level.

Final Spring Reports- OCCT/EOI

The final Spring Oklahoma Core Curriculum Test (OCCT) Reports will be available in the reporting component of the Measured Progress OCCT Portal on August 24th. The reporting component generates reports on student data that is available to you. Please refer to page 44 of the OCCT Portal User Guide for specific information. Parent Reports, Student labels, and DVDs will be shipped to the districts during the week of September 21st.

If you are unable to log in to Measured Progress, please let Erin know so you can have access to your school information.

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New to the Building Test Coordinator Role?

First of all- thank you for committing to the role of being your school's Building Test Coordinator, or BTC. The expectation of your role is to facilitate district testing and also implement state requirements for OCCT/EOI testing at your school. Here are some tips to help ensure success in your role.

  1. Establish clear expectations from your building leader. Make sure that you and your principal have a clear understanding of the expectations for the tests that fall under your responsibility. For example, you may be asked to create a building schedule for the computer lab during the SRI window or group special education/ ELL students based on testing accommodations for MAP.
  2. Download the District Testing Calendar. You can check it out here to view all of the district and state testing dates. Mark the important dates relevant to your school on your calendar.
  3. Join the BTC group on Pd360. Using your log in for PD360.com, search for the group Tulsa Public Schools BTCs. Request access to the private group. You will find resources for testing, posted updates, and a community of BTCs to support you in your new role!
  4. Read the newsletter. Instead of sending out emails, I prefer to use the newsletter as a form of mass communication for relaying information to BTCs. Please read through to stay ahead of testing information.
  5. Be organized. There's a lot of paperwork to keep up with for state testing! We have a system to help you with organization...more on this later!
  6. Be flexible. Students will undoubtedly be absent when you have them scheduled to test or computers may not operate as we plan!
  7. Ask questions! Becky and I are here to support you and assist you in any way we can! Please feel free to email us or catch us on the phone- we will gladly help you!

Who are the BTCs?

There are 6 Elementary Schools and 5 MS/JH Schools who have not submitted the names of the BTC, Site Tech, and SPED lead teacher. In order to provide PowerSchool access and testing platform access, names must be submitted on the Google Form. Check with Erin if you are concerned about your site's information.
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MAP/MPG Test Set Up

The Fall 2015 teacher and student rosters will be uploaded to MAP on Thursday, September 3. Rosters should be available for viewing and scheduling test sessions on Thursday afternoon. The testing window opens on Tuesday, September 8.

Remember, the MAP Administration website should be used for proctoring, test scheduling, and viewing reports. Teachers will log in with their TPS email address (5x2@tulsaschools.org). If teachers do not know their password, click on Forgot Username/Password.

Reports will be available following the day of testing-- these load every night at midnight.

MAP Resources for setting up tests, viewing reports, etc are available on the TPS Curriculum and Instruction website.

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Promoting Retained 3rd Graders

Students who were retained in 3rd grade due to RSA requirements may be promoted to 4th grade if they score a 420 or higher on the SRI test. According to the State Department of Education, the 420 Lexile aligns with the 'Limited Knowledge' performance band meaning, the students have a score above the retention level. Please send Erin an email with the student names, ID, and SRI score.

Additionally, any retained 3rd grade student who scores at or above 186 on the MAP test may be promoted to 4th grade through an RSA Exemption. If you have any students who qualify for this exemption, please email Erin the student names, ID, and MAP score.

Additionally, if your school's reading team determines a student should have a probation promotion to 4th grade, please complete the promotion paper work and submit it to the Assessment Office to promote students to 4th grade. All promotions must be made by November 1.

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ACT EXPLORE-- 8th Grade

For all traditional 8th grade sites, there should be a box with the EXPLORE tests at your site. Please make sure to locate the testing materials and store them in a secure place. We will be administering the EXPLORE test October 5-9. Student pre-ID labels for the tests will be delivered to your school during the middle of September.

If you have never administered the EXPLORE test, please make sure to read through the Test Supervisor's Packet in the top of the EXPLORE box. The Supervisor's Manual contains the directions to administering the EXPLORE.

Here are some essential components to ensuring your staff and students are prepared for success:

  • Create a schedule to allow approx. 3 hours for the total administration of the test, as it is a timed test. The EXPLORE may be administered over a 1 or 2 day period. Check with your site leadership team to determine the best administration for your students.
  • Train the Test Administrators-- provide copies of instructions and testing schedule.
  • Ensure a Proctor is scheduled with each Test Administrators.
  • Collaborate with SPED and ELL teachers to ensure allowable accommodations are provided.
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Pounded Grades Posting on PowerSchool

Grades needing a #P will not be recorded on PowerSchool until after the CD with final scores is loaded to PowerSchool. The CD is scheduled to be shipped September 21st, so we will work to get these scores uploaded as soon as possible! There are several 2015 seniors who are waiting on diplomas because they did not pass a class due to a failed grade and need a #P for passing the EOI. District policy states that the grades will not be pounded until the scores are considered 'final.'

Please make sure to check your Seniors as early as possible to test in the Fall Retest window so all of our students are ready for graduation by February 1st.

2015-16 Testing Calendar

The District Testing Calendar is completed! You can check it out here to view all of the district and state testing dates.

Important Dates

Aug 1-Sept 2 Sign up for Proficiency Based Testing (for entering Home School students and those wishing for course credit or grade placement)

Aug 20-Sept 11 SRI Window (Grades 3-10; Elementary/MS/JH/HS)

Aug 20-Sept 11 SMI Window (Grades 4-8)

Aug 20-Sept 11 iRead Screener Window (Kindergarten and new students in Grades 1-2)

Aug 20-Sept 25 PreK ECI Assessment Window

Sept 15 ACT ASPIRE meeting for High School BTCs (10th grades only)-- Enrollment Center, 9AM

Archived Newsletters

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