The Hunger Games

By: Lizzy

Who Have Read the Book, Seen the Movie, Both, or Neither Table

This will show you have seen the movie, read the book, seen and read the book, or not seen the movie or read.
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Who have Seen the Movie, Read the Book, Both, or Neither Graph

This is for the people for who read the book, seen the movie, both read the book and seen the movie, or not seen the movie or read the book.
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The Stem and Leaf Table for Girls only.

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MEAN-192.6 MEDIAN-22 MODE-21.5 RANGE--64

The Percent and Decimal

The percent for 66/252 is 26% and the decimal is .26

Hunger Games Activity Paragraph

My chances of being chosen is 66 out of 252. The fraction and percent of that is 66/252 and 26%. I feel good about my chances of being drawn for the Hunger Games Activity. I would volunteer if one of my brothers or sisters were chosen. I think it is fair way to choose someone for the Hunger Games because i think that they should have a change to get in or not to get in.