First Grade News

Read through the end--lots to share with you!

Back to Math

Students learned a new game this week that allowed them to practice adding, counting, thinking about tens and ones and writing numerals that represented squares in the game: Ten Turns. Each day as we played the game, we shared what went well and what was difficult. Playing with a partner helped us practice collaborating and remembering to talk about what we were learning. One question that a student shared while working to keep track of her thinking was: Does that make sense? This question is thinking we have been working on all year as mathematicians, readers and writers. When you see your child challenged by something he/she is learning, ask--Does that make sense to empower thinking!

We also practiced a new warm up routine ( survey question) that will help us learn to organize, represent and share information in a graph. We noticed who wore zippers and no zippers and collected data on 10 students in our class. Students will be thinking about a question they would like to ask each other and gather information about next week.

Talking and Writing About Opinions

This week we started thinking about how we all have opinions! We read picture books like: Sparky (about a girl who really wanted a pet explaining many reasons why and how she ended up with a pet Sloth!). Opinion stories like this and lots of discussion helped us begin to think about our own opinions and make an ideas chart that we will be working from in writing workshop. Ask your kiddo what opinion writing they worked on this week!

Character Thinking

As readers, we are thinking about how characters feel! We read Specs for Rex and Fine As We Are. These are two great picture books that have allowed us to talk so that we can understand the characters we read about. Our discussion helped us make a list of new words that tell about Rex throughout the story. Students also thought about why these feelings made sense for Rex.

Books and Breakfast!!

Are you thinking...what is books and breakfast? It is time for first graders to get together to chat about books while eating breakfast (I'll provide the donuts)! If your child would like to bring in a alternate breakfast food for his/herself that is fine. I don't want to make food bigger than our real reason for coming together which is to be together and talk about books!

Books and Breakfast will be held January 22 in our classroom. Students will come in and start the day (at our regular time) with donuts and books!

We will be talking about Laura Murray's: The Gingerbread Man Loose in the School. He's been left behind and trying to find his class with help from others in the school.

I chose this book knowing all of the students received this book as a holiday gift and many have heard it read aloud. I encourage you and your child to read it again at home or watch the You Tube Video of it sometime before Jan.22!

The Gingerbread Man Loose in the School

Family Night!

I would like you to save the date for our first Family Night ! This is an evening where you and your family are invited into the classroom to share in your child's learning. Your child will share a couple of his/her favorite books, a piece of opinion writing, and math game that he or she will teach you. This is a night for you all to share in your child's learning!

The tentative date is February 4 at 6:00pm in our classroom!


Conferences are scheduled this year for February 11 from 4-7:30. If you would like to schedule a conference please email me!