tourist attractions

beautiful scenes

mexico has many stunning scenes . infor example mexicos underwater museum in cancun where you can scuba dive in a coral reef and see ancient status. also acapulco is also a classic scenic mexican resort where people can watch proffecianal cliff diver peforme theoir amazing dives. guanajuanto is also a got to see city in mexico. it is full of some of the richest mining areas, colonial buildings, and streets full of colorful alleyways, and amazing underground tunnels. last is the best thing yet. their fastinating one of a kind beaches.

unique foods

mexico also has a one of a kind cuisine like many other countries including beef pork chicked and sheep/ also they have astonishing desserts including arroz con leche which os milk and rice, churros which is a dough fried pastry, flan which is a dessert with soft layered caramel on top and many more enjoyable foods