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Sharing with colleagues is how many of the most valuable teaching resources come to be discovered. In an effort to create an expanded professional network of collaboration, CLEF is launching a monthly 'Tech Tips' newsletter! If you have a great website, tablet app or tool you would like to share, please email
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What is Newsela?

The site is a self-described "news-as-literacy platform". Current articles on a wide variety of subject matters are presented and updated daily!

  • All articles are Common Core-aligned
  • Available in English and Spanish
  • Each article available in five Lexile levels ranging from third to 12th grade
  • Articles feature quizzes and writing prompts tailored to each Lexile level
  • FREE- There is a PRO paid subscription with some tracking features, but the FREE version of Newsela offers all of these benefits

Close-reading strategies and annotation skills can be practiced with the same basic content across reading groups. Differentiation is happening, but students across Lexile levels can read and discuss articles with all of their classmates. A selection of pro/con articles is curated on a regular basis and can be specifically used to encourage healthy debates or persuasive writing!

While Newsela is a "tech tool", it is also easy to use in a low-tech environment. Some of the features require students to log in with an email account. If the technology is not available for all students to log in to Newsela on a device, articles can be printed, read and analyzed the "old-fashioned way" with the same benefits of differentiation.

Newsela's support page offers many informative videos to get you started!

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Please Let Us Know About Your Experiences Using Newsela!

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