Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Summer Time Fun


Cape Cod is a small town located in the East side of Massachusetts or to make it easier it is about 62.5 mies from the city of Boston.41° 41°N 70°12°W is the exact location of Cape Cod. Cape Cod is on the far east side of the U.S. near Maine and New York.


Cape Cod is apart of the New England region which is known for their great beaches, fishing and sports. New England has terrible winters but beautiful summers. There is a lot of Irish people, but almost everybody speaks english.


Cape Cod is mostly flat with an exception to some dunes near the beaches. It is very pretty during the summer but during the winter it is really cold, snowy and blizzardy. During the summer is very busy but during the winter it is super quit. Most people there speak english with an accent where the do not pronounce their R's


Cape Cod consists of a lot of Irish people that travel from Ireland so in a result of that a lot of peope that live in Cape Cod/Boston travel to Ireland. Alot of goods are transported on water because it is right next to the ocean.

Human Envioremnt Interations

In Cape Cod it is cold in the winter which causes people that live there year around dress different. There was never a lot of lumber there but with goods being transported though water it has enough for the boats to reach land/docks.