Revolution Time Line

From The Seven Years war to the Boston Massacre

The Seven Years war (aka The French and Indian war)


Known as the first world war due to the amount of countries involved, this war lasted seven years and was highly expensive to the British.

The Proclamation of 1763

This proclamation stopped colonists from moving to the land the British won in the French and Indian war. The colonies felt as though they were being barred on the coast.

The stamp act

The stamp act was passed in 1765, It enforced higher taxes and made colonists angry that they didn't get a say .

Patrick Henry

Patrick Henry made a famous speech referred to as the "If this be treason, make the most of it" speech. He said this in 1765. This speech is not to be confused with his even more famous, "give me liberty" speech made 10 years later in 1775.
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The Declaratory act- 1766

It was a way for England to prove it's reign over the colonies and the colonies did not like that at all.

The Townshend act-1767

These were taxes on a variety of things to raise money for England. The result: lots of hostility from the colonies.

The Boston Massacre 1770

The Boston massacre was a fight between the British and the colonists on the streets of Boston. Several colonists were killed.
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