Learning Journal/Notes

September 9/2015

Dr. Bravo's

Characteristics of a PRINCIPAL :strong moral center but can't expect people to be motivated by telling them they are moral failure ; take initiative, bias for action, comfortable with ambiguity;smart, non- judgmental( Be morally strong to yourself), vulnerable, true boy/girl scout,

Do your best.

Ask yourself, I am respecting and allowing others to do their jobs

If there is a law, don't break it

Try help people use the tools

Do NOT rush too soon to save others. Let them learn.

Be open and trust to be trusted

Don't take things personal. Move forward.

Do not limit yourself with what you can do by not trying. Let the people at the other side of the table DECIDE if you are worth it!

Think of yourself as a COURAGEOUS follower. Support the leader and don't undermine. Bend backwards

Challenge yourself for moments of clarification. Are you compromising too much?

When everything is important nothing is important. Prioritize.

Joe's time

Sharing : Expectation clear, and a plan in place. What level of question will you ask so that teachers will ask high level of questions.

Condition: " I am a good teacher and you want me to see CJ when you send teachers to watch me. How can you not confuse teachers?

Build a culture of excellence- specific instructional practices. Plan and employ specific strategies.

30 minute live : Tuesday 7:00 pm

Do research on PL.C. Establish date, time, facilitator, researcher.

Facilitator: Green

Researcher: information : Chapa, Krystal, Roberto, Georgetta

Develop questions: Erika, jose, Ricardo

How do use PLC for teachers to change their ways to do business in classrooms