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Module 10: Food Production and Pesticides

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The resources in this newsletter are in addition to those found in MODULE 10: food Production and Pesticides of your course content. You should first go through the content and complete the quizzes and activities. These resources are to supplement your understanding of the concepts. Please contact me if you have questions!


QUIZ: Food Production and Nutrition

  • Complete the flashcard self-assessment on page 3 of the module BEFORE you begin the quiz.

QUIZ: Sustainable Agriculture and Pesticides

  • Read the information about sustainable agriculture on page 4 of the module BEFORE you begin the quiz.

DISCUSSION: Using Biotechnology to Identify Seafood

  • Use this RUBRIC to help you write a discussion posting that will earn full points.
  • Make sure when you respond to your classmates that you post AT LEAST a 2-3 sentence response. "I agree with..." or "I disagree with..." is not enough to earn full points for a response. You must say why you agree or disagree and back up your reasoning.
  • Watch the video about mislabeling seafood on page 5 and read over the links below:
  • Combating Seafood Fraud
  • Choosing Sustainable Fish
  • Mislabeled Fish in Grocery Stores
  • Fish Testing
  • Whale Sushi

  • Then generate a thoughtful post addressing how genetic testing of seafood can help manage our food supply. Also, consider and discuss the following in your response:
  1. Can mislabeling seafood affect people's health?
  2. Can mislabeling complicate ecosystem management?
  3. What does the evidence show about how often seafood products are misrepresented?

LAB: Virtual Transgenic Fly

  • The LINK for this lab can be found on page 6 of the module.
  • After completing all six sections and quizzes, click the quiz tab and print to PDF your results. Then write out a detailed conclusion that includes a summary of the activity including an overview of how a transgenic organism is created, and the potential benefits and hazards of the use of this technology.
  • Be sure to support your statements with facts and examples and cite all resources used.
  • Upload both the PDF lab quiz summary file and conclusion documents to the transgenic fly lab.
  • Watch this video for some tips on completing this lab.

ASSIGNMENT: Biotechnology Summary

  • The handout for this assignment can be found on page 6 of the module.
  • Read the following documents BEFORE completing the handout:
  1. Genetically Modified Foods and Organisms
  2. GMO Issues

  • Make sure you cite your sources to earn full points.

FRQ: Food Production and Pesticides

    • To receive full credit for the free response question, you will need to show all steps necessary to explain how the answer was found.
    • The College Board used to offer 11 possible points for each FRQ, but a student can never earn more than 10 points on an FRQ. So your FRQs will be graded out of 10 points.
    • Watch these videos for help answering FRQs: FRQ Tips and Tricks Part 1, FRQ Tips and Tricks Part 2
    • FRQs may NOT be resubmitted for a higher grade.

    TEST: Food Production and Pesticides

    • Do not begin your test until you have completed all self-assessments, assignments, and the review items and feel confident in your understanding of this material.
    • These files summarizing the material in this module may help you study for your test:
    • Food Production
    • Pesticides

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