Mrs. Young's Newsletter

Beginning of School

We made it through the first month of school !

The month of August was our "getting to know each other" month. I learned about each student and they learned about me. We have gotten into somewhat of a routine and have already began to make progress. Your children are precious and unique in so many ways. I am looking forward to a great deal of learning and growing.

Expect to see a newsletter from me usually once per month.


Along with our IEP goals, functional skills, self-help skills, and other academics, I will be introducing a theme every few weeks. The theme for the next few weeks of September will be "All About Me". We will discuss our bodies, our families, and other things about ourselves. Please be looking for a few pictures at home that you can send to me by September 15. They can include baby pictures, family photos, family pets, ect. The pictures will be returned to you. I will send a reminder note home.